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Technology Fuelled Engagement

  • icon Number of Attendees:
  • icon Time Frame:
    1 - 4 hours
  • icon Location:
    Indoors Outdoors
  • icon Classification:
    Communication Competitive Indoors Outdoors Energisers

Key Outcomes




Managing Change

Creativity & Innovation

Healthy Competition



Team Alignment

What is it?

Team Tracks takes the Amazing Race style team activity to the next level. We have the regional license to the global leader in this technology which ensures we deliver an exciting variety of team challenges in or around your conference location. Teams must complete as many challenges as they can in the given time in this highly engaging team bonding activity.


Many of the companies running Team Tracks are looking to blend a city tour with a unique team building experience, especially when conference guests are coming from overseas. But we also have many local companies looking to get a fresh look at their local area with this highly successful style of team bonding activity. The race against the clock activity driven team building is always a winner and knowing you are using the global leader in the technology gives peace of mind for a smooth event.

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