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Middle Eastern themed collaboration activity

  • icon Number of Attendees:
  • icon Time Frame:
    1 - 2 hours
  • icon Location:
    Virtual Indoors Social Distance Friendly
  • icon Classification:
    Communication Strategic Competitive Simulation

Key Outcomes




Managing Change

Creativity & Innovation

Healthy Competition



Team Alignment

What is it?

Does your team have what it takes to unlock the secrets of the Lost City of Wabar? This highly immersive 3D team building activity focuses on the importance of collaboration in the virtual environment. Teams must find the best strategy to uncover the clues and solve a series of challenges. Wabar is the first Middle Eastern themed team building activity and is available with both English and Arabic translations to ensure full engagement for all your team. As well as competing against each other in teams, we can also compare team scores to global benchmarks to draw powerful learnings on how well your team are collaborating and what they can do to improve.


Wabar has been developed for clients looking for either a locally themed team building activity, or those looking for a specific focus on collaboration. The activity uses information gathering and alignment as they key game mechanic and shows teams how virtual performance can be improved through better collaboration in the virtual environment. The activity is also optimised for large groups with simple to follow instructions but engaging game play to ensure it is simple to run, and fun for participants.

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