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Snap Shot

Perfect Conference Energiser

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    0 - 1 hours
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    Indoors Outdoors Virtual Hybrid Social Distance Friendly
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    Communication Energisers

Key Outcomes




Managing Change

Creativity & Innovation

Healthy Competition



Team Alignment

What is it?

Our Snapshot energiser is the perfect Ice Breaker for your next conference. Individuals download our app before the workshop and take part in a fun and engaging customisable quiz during your conference. For the Snap Shot component, individuals will be tasked to take some pictures based on the theme of your conference.

Later in the conference, all images are used to generate a 3D video mosaic that reveals the corporate or conference logo. This shows all team members how their actions and working together creates the culture and essence of the organisation. A very powerful message to end on.


Companies using our Snap Shot Energiser are looking for a fun Ice Breaker but more than just a quiz. The Snap Shot 3D video mosaic finishes with a wow and creates meaning and connection back to corporate messages.

As well as being a great way to start the day, the activity delivers a strong emotional connection with the participants and the brand. 

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